It is easy to claim to be a conservative, but Julie Ellsworth has a Trusted Conservative Leadership Record as a life-long Republican. Her principles were tested under pressure during her 12 years of service in the Idaho House of Representatives. She demonstrated she will stand up to special interests and was elected and re-elected by Republican legislators to the House Leadership Team. 


She is a Strong Fiscal Conservative who supported a balanced budget for the State of Idaho every year she served in the legislature.  Julie successfully assisted in maintaining the state’s high bond rating when she presented Idaho’s financial status and public policies in meetings with Wall Street rating firms.  The high bond rating reduced the cost of financing state and local government in Idaho which, in turn, reduced the tax burden on Idahoans.  Ellsworth, along with other conservative members of the House, fought to establish a rainy day fund for the state, rather than over-spending on appropriations.  This fund ultimately carried the State of Idaho and the Education budget through the economic downturn of recent years.  Julie earned an “A” rating from Business groups in the state and the Idaho Farm Bureau.

Julie is a Proven Pro-Life Conservative.  In spite of the shrill threats by special interest groups who said she would never be re-elected, she supported banning partial-birth abortion and supported other pro-life measures.  She was re-elected! 


Ellsworth is a Proven Supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has received an “A” rating with the NRA during her legislative tenure.

Ellsworth consistently pushed for measures to produce more Transparency in Government, especially where funds and investments are concerned.  In spite of great resistance, she successfully called for a legislative compliance audit of the State Insurance Fund. She also successfully pushed to bring the Idaho Housing Finance Association under the accountability measures of the state open meeting law. She believes that government runs best in the sunlight and it is worth the battle to accomplish openness.



Julie Ellsworth grew up in Idaho and has a Three Generation Perspective on issues that impact individuals and families of our state. She has worked to promote a pro-family environment in the Idaho. She and her husband have raised their three children in the Treasure Valley. They have always appreciated the Idaho-grown values, skills, and talents their children developed which have helped them to thrive in life. They now thoroughly enjoy watching their grandchild grow up in our state's family friendly environment. Julie was privileged to care for her elderly mother in her home and is keenly aware of the issues facing Idaho's senior citizens.

In addition to Julie's twelve years of service in the Idaho legislature, she is also a Civil Mediator/Facilitator and Business Consultant/Communications Specialist.  She has been a Foundation Grant Evaluator and Judge.  She was instrumental in the development of the Canyon County Community Clinic and has been a teacher in Idaho’s public schools.    



Currently Julie and her husband manage the Ellsworth Family farm & ranch located in Carey, Idaho. 

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Vote Ellsworth for Idaho State Treasurer November 6th