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►Increase Transparency in Government


State Treasurer Julie Ellsworth created the annual “Treasurer’s 0ffice Transparency Report Card”.  She successfully co-sponsored legislation reinforcing the Prudent Investor Act and is implementing public disclosure platforms for investment fund information as well as proxy vote data.   


►Reduce Our Property Tax Burden


Julie Ellsworth provided a $13.5 million property tax savings over the past two years. As chairman of the Idaho Bond Bank Authority (IBBA), Julie will work to lower the cost of bonding for Idaho’s local property taxpayers.


►Safeguard Our Access to Financing


Ellsworth is protecting access to financing for Idahoans and our natural resource industries. She is working to stop undemocratic, woke efforts to implement non-financial or subjective criteria for measuring investment options & credit worthiness of legal businesses and individuals.

Ellsworth Accomplishments


Saving Idahoans Money

Created a 26% reduction in management fees for Ideal College Savings Accounts which has saved account owners close to $1 million.


Facilitated a $13.5 million savings for property taxpayers by refinancing debt through the Idaho Bond Bank Authority.


Secured a AAA credit rating from Fitch and Moody’s for the first time in State history.  This rating will enable lower interest rates for the state.


Reunited Idahoans with over $8.7 million in lost and unclaimed property in 2021.


Honoring Idaho’s Veterans

Created a Women Veterans Medallion honoring the courage and sacrifice of all Idaho Service Members. Sales from the medallion help to fund the maintenance and operation of the Idaho Veterans Cemeteries.


Creating Transparency in Government

Created an annual Transparency Report for the Treasurer’s office.


Co-sponsored successful legislation on disfavored investments & proxy votes (S1405)


Working on National Issues Affecting Idahoans

Worked to prevent an economic boycott of traditional energy production and of natural resource industries by U.S. financial institutions.


Pushed back on the IRS peeking into Idahoans' bank accounts.


Spearheaded Idaho’s opposition to S&P Global ESG ratings.


Vote Ellsworth for Idaho State Treasurer November 8th

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