Julie supports policies that maximize the return on invested taxpayer funds, and transparency to assure the public can see how tax dollars are invested and spent.

Julie has a Trusted Conservative Leadership Record.  As a legislator she consistently supported legislation and policies that brought fiscal Transparency and Constitutional Improvements to the Office of the State Treasurer.  Julie knows that every dollar spent by government comes from taxpayer’s pockets.  As Idaho’s State Treasurer, she will build upon her conservative record of achievement as she directs the Treasurer’s office and protects the state’s investments for the people of Idaho.

Issue:  Constitutional Re-write of State Endowment Land Fund management to improve investment returns.

Julie was on the oversight committee that approved changes to the state's asset management programs.  These changes were submitted to Idaho voters via the ballot and were approved.  This constitutional re-write of the Idaho State Endowment Land Fund management increased investment returns. (See graph) Click Here to learn more about the history of the Idaho State Endowment Land Fund. 

Issue: Lower interest costs for taxpayers. 

Whether a taxpayer votes for or against a particular bond on the ballot, the truth is if that bond passes all taxpayers must pay for it. Julie Ellsworth knows this and has worked to lower the cost of money.



Julie supported creation of the Constitutional Idaho Bond Bank in order to benefit from a low interst rating which in turn will keep the costs down for the taxpayers.  The current underlying rating from Moody’s Rating Agency is Aa1. (Source: https://sto.idaho.gov/Debt-Management/Idaho-Bond-Bank-Authority-IBBA).  

Issue: Protection of Idaho’s Credit Rating. 

Julie assisted in maintaining the state’s high bond rating. She met with Wall Street rating firms to answer questions about Idaho’s financial status and public policies. She knows first-hand the importance of securing this high rating.  It benefits all taxpayers.

Julie supported creation of the Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement Committee. Before that Committee was established there was no requirement or repository for monitoring state guaranteed debt. The Committee provides oversight that protects and enhances the credit rating of the State of Idaho.  It accomplishes this task by monitoring state guaranteed indebtedness such as bonds which have state backing.

Vote Ellsworth for Idaho State Treasurer November 6th